I was a camper 2 times before and a counselor in ’08 - but I don’t know which camp was better.  Last years camp had a great impact on my life - but serving the Lord this year was awesom.  :o) ... greetings to the whole team!
- Thomas
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Name: Dave Osterhus, Ibk
Name: Cathrin Osterhus, Ibk
Name: Carrie Hinterholzer, Ibk
Name: Seth Sander, Ibk
Name: Alyssa Sander, Ibk
Name: Kristi Hardy, MN 
Name: Bruce Hibbard, MN
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English Camp is an international effort.  The Austria team does most of the planning, preparation, registration for the 3-4 weeks of camp, also the recruiting of Austrian counselors, speakers and cooks.  Kristi recruits a staff of American (and other native-speaking) English teachers and counselors.  We coordinate throughout the year and then bring everybody together in the summer to do camp.  Kristi is with ReachGlobal CAMPS, which sends teams of English teachers to many different countries.  Bruce Hibbard (back with Camp Shamineau) keeps our 23 year connection alive and recruits through Camp Shamineau.  Dave serves on Team Jugend of the Bund Evangelikaler Gemeinden Österreich, a group which supports youth ministry all over Austria.  We also work with the EFCA ReachGlobal in America, which supports the free evangelical churches in Austria.

Austria and the U.s.a.
“I need a hug, Will.”
- Dave
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“English Camp is very cool and I enjoyed it!’’
“Ich bin Gott um sehr vieles näher gekommen, Am meisten hat mir 
das reden mit den Betreuern über Gott, die Geschichten von den Betreuern und die Stille Zeit.”
“Danke an alle! Lieber Gott, I love you!”
“Mein English hat sich definitive verbessert. Es hat mir geholfen dass man die ganze Zeit Englisch geredet hat.”