Staff application


Here is a little more information of how you can apply and what to expect.
We love camp and are excited to work with a great staff.

Camp Shamineau

Here is more info, if you would like to work at Camp Shamineau in Minnesota, USA.

Since the beginning of our English Camps in Austria (1993), we have worked closely with Camp Shamineau in Motley, Minnesota, USA. For over 20 years many Austrian youth have visited Camp Shamineau and helped as SMT (Summer Mission Team).

SMT are involved in a week of staff training and a minimum of five additional weeks serving at Camp Shamineau.
The Summer Missions Team consists of select students (age 15 and up) who are involved in training that prepares them for specific counseling and teaching opportunities with summer campers. 

SMTs are encouraged to develop their personal walk with Christ and try new leadership challenges. This is accomplished through training activities, junior counseling experiences, assisting in teaching skills classes, leading cabin devotions as well as time spent working on support crews.