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Merry Christmas from Speaker

Hello Campers!!!

I sure had a blast with you guys last summer! Can you believe we were allowed to have camp? Pretty cool! We had a lot of fun in our two “small” groups – jumping in the creek, playing Kickball, learning English, looking for the criminal who stole my Mountain Dew – Landon! Singing “Big, Big House” and “Counting every Blessing” with Mike. And who could forget the scary Alien game or Mix & the counselors’ production of “Let it Go”? 

Fun times together and some very special times learning about a guy named Isaiah, whose 20/20 vision of God totally changed his life! Do you remember?

Isaiah saw God in all His shining glory, sitting on His throne in his big, big house! Powerful angels crying “Holy, holy, holy!” What an amazing sight! 

But God’s holy light revealed a big problem: Isaiah was a sinful & guilty man. All of a sudden it was clear to him that he was not right with God and he could not survive in God’s holy presence! Have you ever “seen” God in such a way that you realized you were sinful and separated from Him? What to do?

Should he/we run from God and try to save ourselves? No, Isaiah did what we should do too: Hope in God’s love & grace! Trust Jesus to come and save us from ourselves, by paying for our sins on the cross! It’s done!

That’s what Christmas is all about: God loved us so much that He gave us the best Christmas present ever – JESUS! Jesus died for us, so that we can be forgiven, free to live in God’s presence right now and forever in his big, big house in Heaven! Awesome!!!

Now that God has given us the best gift he could give us, let’s give him the best Christmas gift we can give – us! Let’s give him ourselves and live for God, telling him every day: “Here am I, send me! Whatever you want, God, I trust you and I’m yours!”

Merry Christmas y’all!

Dave O

Photos from Camp

Some "traditional" Christmas caroling

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